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Beau Adams
Beau Adams

Free __HOT__ Download Progressive House Expansion Of Nexus 2 633

get your kicks on the dancefloor with this amazing house package. with its unique, never before released sounds, this expansion gives the house sound a boost. everything you need to enhance your favorite house music is here! the sounds in the expansion are found on the roland refxnexus2. it has all the features of the original. add it to your refxnexus2 and enjoy the sound quality.

free download progressive house expansion of nexus 2 633

the refxnexus2istheperfectend-to-endsounddesigntool,asitshouldbeinhouserecordingstudios.theonlythingmissingis..youraudiocard!thegoodnewsis:thereisn'tanyneedtohesitateanymore,asaccessmusicnowoffersatape-romandanalog-extensionforthenexus2.youcandownloadtheromandanalogextensionforfreeandimmediatelyapplythemtoyourrefxnexus2.toenjoyallthefeaturesyouwillgetanewdistortioneffect,newdrumeffects,anewlockedmodeandanewdistortioneffect,alockingmode,anabsolutemixer,anabsolutepitchbenderandmuchmore.

with the refxnexus2, you don't just get sounds. you get many sounds, all in one powerful package. now access music is offering a free extension pack for the roland refxnexus2. this pack contains all the cool features from the original refxnexus2, plus some new features. the most important and interesting feature is the new locking mode. the refxnexus2isnowavailablewith alockingmode. this is the newest feature that makes a real difference. this new mode allows you to save and load your presets, while not having to worry about the sound quality.

the best is yet to come! now we bring you the first epic expansion pack for your vps avenger, made by manuel schleis. melodic techno 2 gives you all the elements and sounds that are great for techno productions: fat analog sounds, strong basslines, melodic arps and melodies, a wide variety of modulations, pads, a complete drumkit for the edm producers and so much more. did we mention you will also get: 19 high quality vocal samples in techno-style, the complete modulator and effect-collection from timeless loops, a drum loop collection from s&h, a collection of chord progressions and even a selection of riffs which you can download and integrate into your own productions. dont wait, get this new expansion pack now!


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