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Naresh Technologies Core Java Material Pdf Free Download

Naresh Technologies Core Java Material PDF Free Download

If you are looking for a comprehensive and practical online course on core java, you might want to check out the Core Java Course Material offered by Naresh i Technologies. Naresh i Technologies is a leading software training institute in Hyderabad and Chennai, India, that provides online and classroom training for various IT courses. One of their popular courses is the Core Java Course Material, which covers the basics and advanced concepts of core java programming language.


The Core Java Course Material is designed by experienced and qualified trainers who have real-time industry experience and expertise in java development. The course material consists of video lectures, slides, notes, assignments, projects, and quizzes that help you learn and practice core java skills at your own pace and convenience. The course material also includes live sessions with the trainers where you can ask doubts and get feedback on your progress.

The best part about the Core Java Course Material is that you can download it for free from the Naresh i Technologies website. You just need to register for the course and you will get access to the course material in PDF format. You can also watch free java tutorials on their YouTube channel or join their WhatsApp groups for updates.

The Core Java Course Material covers topics such as:

  • Introduction to Java

  • Data Types and Variables

  • Operators and Expressions

  • Control Statements

  • Arrays

  • Methods

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

  • Abstraction

  • Encapsulation

  • Interfaces

  • Packages

  • Exception Handling

  • Multithreading

  • Collections Framework

  • Generics

  • I/O Streams

  • Networking

  • JDBC

The Core Java Course Material is suitable for beginners as well as experienced programmers who want to learn or refresh their core java skills. The course material is also helpful for preparing for java certification exams or interviews. By completing the Core Java Course Material, you will be able to write efficient and robust java programs that can run on any platform that supports java.

If you are interested in learning core java from Naresh i Technologies, you can visit their website and register for the course. You can also contact them through phone or email for any queries or feedback. Naresh i Technologies is committed to providing quality education and training to aspiring software professionals and helping them achieve their career goals.

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