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The game's music is composed by Czech-born composer Jaroslav "Křest" Horáček. His compositions include music for the first four music games in the Rockstar South Africa Series, as well as the score for South Park: The Stick of Truth. The score for Until Dawn was released digitally on May 21, 2013, becoming his first independently-produced score. Horáček returned to his home in the Czech Republic in June 2013, and he states that he has no plans to produce any future soundtracks for the series. However, during his visit, he did mention that he is already planning music for the next Until Dawn title.

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The first trailer for Until Dawnwas first released in October 2012 at the Spike Video Game Awards, where it won 'Best Use of Reality Technology' award. It was followed by a second trailer during the E3 2013 press conference. It was the second trailer released during the E3 conference, which gives the first cinematic introduction to the game's plot. [6] [7]

Until Dawn represents the latest attempt in the experimental, motion-controlledFull Throttle genre. Following many sources [6], the use of the analog stick and face buttons are severely restricted, with the only other choice being through voice commands only, which are mapped to real-world actions. While playing the game, the player's headlight and torch can be turned by moving the controller in the direction of the orientation of the arrow, or can be powered up by approaching a light source. While the player is moving, controls are as follows, where press A to move forward, press X to turn left, press Y to turn right and press B to turn back. For example, facing a new room, the player will have to turn left or right to face the room. If the player can see the room only one way, the player will have to use the press A and B button to keep the correct heading. As the player is exploring the game world, the game will highlight any objects of interest, such as a weapon, door, or item in the environment. If the player touches an object, they will be able to interact with it by searching it through the use of the analog stick. While searching, the game will name the object and highlight it. [7] There are eight objects in all, one of each item in the game. When the player searches all eight objects, it can bring up a bonus item. Items are either going to increase the player's score, reward them with a new weapon or power-up, or alert the player to a new clue for investigation later.


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